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PINE is an art and literary brand with one main goal in mind: to tell stories.


There is often a great deal of exclusivity that surrounds fine art and we want to break down those barriers and create a community of accessibility by publishing work that is inclusive, diverse in nature and lives somewhere that allows pop culture to meet fine art. 


SPINE was founded to create more space to develop, nurture and showcase new and established artistic voices. With a global outlook, and a multicultural inclusive perspective, SPINE inspires free thinking and expression aimed to shape identity and meaning. The artistic medium that connects the brain to the body – the thinking to the feeling.


SPINE will put content and art makers who have new perspectives to share at the forefront and create an environment to engage in critical commentary.


SPINE will publish online and a print version 4x a year because books are fun!

Jasmine Stein Editor-In-Chief/Founder
Yinchen Niu Art Director
Ernest Martin Video Director
Christopher Udemezue Graphic Design
Matthew Marsh Editor
Brooke Stein Editor


SPINE is always accepting submissions: Please send all inquiries to Jasmine@spinemag.co



Anna Joy Springer

Elizabeth Webb

Amanda Choo Quan

Lena Chen

The House of Ladosha

Stacy Rollins

Brandon Marlon

Soodabeh Saeidnia

Giovan Alonzi

Jessica Tyner

Uche Ogbuji

Zara Aleksanyan

Benjamin Simpson

Charmaine Bee

Cheng Meng

Timothy Marc Hopper

Marcus Scott

Afua Richardson

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